BrainCo Launch Event

September 23, 2019 

BrainCo Inc, a Harvard-incubated Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) company, officially announced it’s finest creation “Focus Series” in Singapore.

It meant to target users with “ADHD”also known as Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. On the scale of the study found that about 20 percent – or 900,000 – of the 4.5 million children currently identified as having ADHD. 

The event have attracted over 150 guests from all walks of life such as government, education, healthcare, technology, aviation,entrepreneurs and practioners 23 September 2019 at Andaz Singapore – A Concept By Hyatt. The Product Launch Event also attracted a huge number of foreigns media including Xinhua News Agency, Xinhuanet, Economic Daily, Netease, Lucky Media, Wall Street Journal, Fortune Times.

A spokeman from Nanyang Technology University, Dr Koh Hock Kiat commented  ”I agreed that the frontier technologies such as BCI and AI are in accord with the Smart Nation initiative of Singapore and will play an important role in the education innovation.” 

Another spokeman from China Merchants Capital Management Co. Ltd, Managing Director Mr Anthony Yang have also shared his profound insight about the cutting-edge technologies. Mr Yang believed that artificial intelligence will make machines think like humans and the non-invasive BCI is a practical approach to exploit the full potential of human brains by connecting the digital world with the neuron system to make us more powerful. 

Bicheng Han, CEO and Founder of BrainCo, gave insights of BrainCo, starting point and how could the company applies their expertise in BCI technology and engineering to advance in education, cognitive development, fitness and wellness, and prosthetic development. Over the past 10 years, Bicheng continuous to strive and aid beneficiary such as Lin Anlu, a Chinese amputee girl playing piano with a BrainCo’s AI-powered prosthetic hand along with Lang Lang, the world-renowned Chinese pianist, in a public performance.

Max Newlon, President of BrainCo USA and Lawrence Franchini , VP was the first to released “The Focus serious products of BrainCo” Engagement level can be measured and tracked in real-time by a wearable headband, users are able to pre-condition and exceed better performance with proper training. The devices and software applications which with their passion in exceeding activities such as Elite Sport, Education, Medical and Performance Management.

in one of the latest collaboration between BrainCo and Formula Medicine of Formula One Grand Prix for the 2019 season
Formula Medicine COO Dr. Matteo Bartalucci emphasize the importance of mental focus and  conditioning for the world’s top F1 athletes.

Seeing is believing—perception of the audience were on the next level of excitement during the demonstration session. Wearing a headband, which users could monitor their concentration with quantitative metrics and telekinesis mind- control of the model cars racing on the racing track with like science-friction movie.

Brain-Computer Interface is an emerging technology which will actualize into reality  futuristic scenes in sci-fi movies. We are looking forward to more innovative applications with BrainCo’s technology to aid users across all ages and unleased their maximum potential.

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