MAXHUB conference solution offers all-in-one display,high-precision writingandfeaturing annotation.

•It brings you devicecollaboration, wireless sharing and remote conferencing, to help draw conclusions quicker, make meetings more productive, creative and accountable.

•Ultimate writing experience: smooth and responsive, for quick edit, idea sharing with team•Simple gesture interactivity: to erase, zoom in/out and drag. Extend writing space.

•1024 Pressure Level, adjust thickness of handwriting via changing the pressingstrength, to present your excellent drawing perfectly.

•Two styluses writing simultaneously: support dual pen writing with different colors, tocontribute to team collaboration

Palm rejection: pen/hand control separate. It will not be affected even if put hands on the screen when writing with pen, ideal for excellent drawing.

•Meeting records could be taken away immediately via scanning QR code and shared to others via e-mail, continue to evolve your ideas after meeting ends.

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