Face recognition & temperature detection

What’s next after containment ?

As the coronavirus pandemic intensifies, stakeholders are racing against time to implement prevention solutions to flatten the curve. They key to it is prevention and measurements.

Facial Recognition Temperature Solutions

  • AI intelligent face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine, using deep learning convolutional neural network learning algorithm (CNN), integrated high-definition thermal imaging temperature measurement chip, image ISP processing technology in one AI intelligent product. 

Set image acquisition, people Face detection, mask detection, face recognition comparison, body temperature detection, living body judgment and other functions are all in one. 

* Set non-contact body surface temperature detection + live detection in one, fast screening, early warning 

*Support mask detection, 99.6% accuracy rate•HD 8-inch screen with 90% screen duty cycle ••On-site voice alarm output••Face recognition + mask recognition + temperature detection, multiple combination configurations ••Support HTTP protocol, rapid development and integration, can provide data interfaces to other management platforms, and achieve healthy big data linkage •

* Support offline working mode

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